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CLFF Tournament Rules

The  Annual Tournament is based upon an accumulation of  fish  caught  for  a specific species on a fly rod with an artificial fly.  The tournament will run for 12 months beginning  October 1st  through September 30th.  There will be two divisions with prizes awarded for both saltwater & freshwater fish.  An angler may participate in one or both categories.  The fresh & saltwater categories each have a total of 14 species of fish.  Each species is given a maximum number that needs to be achieved in order to maximize the species.  This number is determined by the difficulty of catching that particular species on a fly.  If you plan on entering fish in our yearly tournament, please contact Kathy Rimmer at [email protected] to have your name added.

Awards will be presented at the Annual Banquet which is held early November of each year.


Grand Master Angler:  An award will be given for any angler who has caught the maximum number of fish required in 12 out of 14 species in either category.  The award will be given for fresh and/or saltwater.  It would be possible for an individual to earn up to two Grand Master Awards.

Master Angler:  An award will be given for any angler who has caught the maximum number of fish  required in  8 out of 14 species in either category.  The award will be given for fresh and/or saltwater.  It would be possible for an individual to earn up to two Master Angler Awards.

Youth Master Angler:  An award will be given for any youth angler (16 years or younger) that has registered fish throughout the year.

Any angler registering  fish , will be entered into a special drawing for a Temple Fork  Outfitters  f ly rod.  The drawing will be held at the Annual Banquet in November.


Scoring is based on the honor system. Entrants will be registering their own fish in our REGISTER FISH section.

Wild Card Points ~ Any fish caught that is not listed will be counted as a wildcard. Your catch must be designated as freshwater or saltwater.

Catch and release is encouraged, but the taking of a fish is permitted.

All fish caught and entered in the tournament must be caught on a rod that conforms to generally accepted fly fishing customs and reel designed expressly for fly fishing.  Any type of fly line and backing may be used. The breaking strength of the fly line and backing are not restricted.

Flies must be a recognized type of artificial fly.   The use of any other type of lure or natural or preserved bait, either singularly or attached to the fly, is expressly prohibited. Chumming and teasing  are permitted. The use of artificial scents applied to a fly is not permitted.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the tournament, please contact Kathy at [email protected]